Creating Social Value Organisations

SVMR is a step-by-step process enabling you to lead, develop and implement strategy and measure social, economic and environmental value and impact.


Step 1 - Real Collaboration

Create the foundations to implement SVMR, develop collaborative leadership, management competencies, and plan your project.

Step 2 - Real Context

Find out what is valued and matters most for service participants, communities, and organisations and align to policy and legislation, identify challenges, barriers, needs and benefits.

Step 3 - Real Purpose

Demonstrate how your service responds to challenges, barriers, needs and benefits by creating a clear vision, strategic aims and objectives.

Step 4 - Real IMPACT

Articulate how you will measure social, economic and environmental value by creating outputs, quality standards and outcomes using SVMR IMPACT Categories.

Step 5 - Real Stories

Build collecting quantitative, qualitative evidence into day-to-day practice; ensure it is relevant and proportionate; focuses on the voice and experience of service participants and other stakeholders.

Step 6 - Real Value

Analyse your evidence to demonstrate social, economic and environmental IMPACT achieved; prove and improve service delivery and celebrate success.


Ready to Get Started?


Working with JB Eventus has given us an in-depth evaluation and the tools and framework that we need to demonstrate our social and economic impact and value. Their innovative collaborative approach involving all stakeholders including commissioners, providers and service users ensuring that we can evidence the value of asset based and preventative approaches in our work in a meaningful way which is often a challenge for Third Sector organisations.

Geraldine des Moulins
Chief Officer, Possability People

We now have clear outcomes for measuring social value and the difference our services make. I have used the Compass Card evaluation with existing funders in Brighton & Hove and also with commissioners in West Sussex to try and attract new funding.(successfully won tender to expand the service across West Sussex).

Rachel Travers
Chief Officer, Amaze